Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Right Tuff?

Please read the previous post to get the full gist of my excitement/confusion over the fact that one of the newest Bravo Housewives (of Beverly Hills) is none other than Kim Richards, child star of Escape to Witch Mountain and later the be-crimped haired star of Tuff Turf, which also starred James Spader as a rebellious anti-hero, "a loner on a roll," "an outsider on the edge," a tennis-racket-wielding, ribbed-pullover-wearing rebel without a cause. Plus Robert Downey, Jr.!

Behold the AWESOME trailer:

I totally want to see this again. I remember watching it in the '80s, but the time is definitely right to revisit Tuff Turf. IMDB describes the plot thusly:

"A street rebel and his gang have trouble understanding themselves and their world."

Dude, I think we can all relate. It's timeless!

Speaking of timeless, I believe she was also in Meatballs, Part 2.

I also just realized Kim Richards was McLean Stevenson's daughter Ruthie on the much-reviled series "Hello, Larry," which also starred R&B singer Ruth Brown (!); then Kim also appeared as the same character, Ruthie, in a "crossover" stunt on "Dif'rent Strokes." It kind of blows your mind, eh?

Here's what else is mind-blowing:

Kim Richards BEFORE:

(image via tv photo galleries)

Kim Richards AFTER:

(image via kerstin alm photography)

It's not age so much as it that every single feature of her face is different.

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Anonymous said...

I rented Tuff Turf when I furst got netflix, can confirm mind blowing. To quote zappa on shaggs, "brings my mind to a complete halt..." Would be up for viewing. -jmopac