Thursday, April 08, 2010

Stars Show Shaver Support

(image via The Austin American-Statesman)

The Billy Joe Shaver "shot a guy in the face" trial continued today in beautiful Waco, Texas, and there were movie and music stars and "feisty" doctors in attendance!

Michael Corcoran, the music writer for the Austin American-Statesman, posted this report today:

Willie Nelson and Robert Duvall showed their deep friendship for Billy Joe Shaver, who is accused of aggravated assault for shooting Billy Coker in the face March 31, 2007, in Lorena, by sitting through about three hours of deadly dull proceedings Thursday in Waco.

“Hey, I want you to meet my bail bondsman,” Shaver said during one break, introducing Duvall to one of the people who packed the 90-capacity McLennan County courtroom. Photographers waited three deep outside the courtroom doors as the celebrities exited for lunch break.

Shaver, wearing a Texas flag tie and the same brown jacket he wore opening day, is expected to take the stand this afternoon after the prosecution calls its last witness...

Dr. Scott Peterson, the trauma specialist who treated Billy Coker after he was shot outside Papa Joe’s bar in Lorena, 15 miles south of Waco, was a somewhat feisty witness when questioned by Billy Joe Shaver’s attorney Dick DeGuerin, who hammered away at Coker’s admission to Hillcrest Hospital staff that he “drinks quite a bit of alcohol every day.”

Asked if Coker seemed drunk the night of the March 31, 2007 shooting, Peterson said “everybody I see is on drugs and alcohol,” then adjusted the total to 85% of the people he treats.

When DeGuerin tried to establish a bullet path that suggested Coker was crouched and charging Shaver when he was shot, Peterson said he wasn’t a bullet specialist. “You know about powder burns, don’t you?” DeGuerin asked, to which Peterson replied, “yeah, from ‘CSI.’”

Coker spent just a day in the hospital before being discharged.

I love that the trauma doctor said that "everyone" he treats is on drugs or alcohol. Or at least 85%. Feisty, indeed. Actually, the whole trial seems pretty feisty, as far as trials go. It's pretty feisty to call Willie Nelson and Robert Duvall as character witnesses, that's for sure. Why, this is probably the most excitement they've had in Waco law enforcement since...well, never mind.

Oh, and I hereby add Robert Duvall to my shortlist of "Where Do Want It: The Billy Joe Shaver Story" leading actor contenders:

(image via The Austin American-Statesman)

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