Saturday, April 17, 2010


(image via People)

There is a warrant out for the arrest of Randy and Evi Quaid, after they failed to show up for the umpteenth time for their court appearance in Santa Barbara on "defrauding an innkeeper" charges. According to People Magazine:

Randy and Evi Quaid have run out of chances.

After skipping two court dates this week for felony charges in Santa Barbara, Calif., they went on the lam again and are wanted by the state of California as fugitives.

"If they're picked up in California, they will be put in jail," Santa Barbara Senior Deputy District Attorney Lee Carter tells PEOPLE. "They cannot be released on bail until they come back here and a judge [agrees to] set bail for them."

The Quaids have missed several court dates since they were first charged with defrauding an innkeeper after allegedly skipping out on a $10,000 luxury hotel bill last June. But they have always avoided jail by posting bond, promising time and again to show up, and hiring a succession of lawyers to assure the court they'd appear.

Carter says the couple's own lawyer, Robert Sanger, was assured by the Quaids they'd show up on Tuesday. (Sanger did not respond for comment).

When the couple failed to show, the judge issued a no-bail warrant.

"The warrant will go nationwide," Carter says. "Anyone out there that comes in contact with them can pick up our warrant and start their own felony fugitive case."
Do you hear that, people? D.A. Carter is practically ordering all Americans to hunt down Randy Quaid and his wife and make a citizen's arrest of these outlaws! It's open season--let the Quaid hunt begin!

I'll hit the fur coat and beard-trimmer stores, you head for the Sunglass Hut and the pawn shops--keep an eye out for a 1987 Golden Globe!

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