Monday, April 26, 2010


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Radar Online reports that formerly-on-the-lam crazies Randy and Evi Quaid are currently behind bars, after dragging themselves into a Santa Barbara courthouse to face defrauding an innkeeper charges:

Randy and Evi Quaid finally decided to show up to court on Monday, and when they did they were thrown in jail, learned exclusively.

We spoke to Santa Barbara District Attorney Arnie Tolks who told us that the Quaids arrived at court Monday morning with their attorney Robert Sanger and a bail bondsman. They went before judge Frank Ochoa and their attorney attempted to reinstate their old bail.

DA Tolks told "The court was angry. Judge Ochoa told the Quaids that he felt they'd been disrespectful and brought up the last time they came to court flashing their Golden Globe award. The Quaids apologized and told him that they didn’t mean to be disrespectful."

Apparently their apologies didn’t work. The judge remanded them to custody and set bail at $100,000. He did give them a slight break by granting the Quaids a credit of $20,000 based on the bail they previously paid.

So that means the Quaids have to come up with $80,000. If they don’t, they stay in jail. Their next mandatory hearing is set for Wednesday.

"They have been ordered to court on Wednesday for a bail hearing and preliminary hearing setting," Tolks said.

A warrant was issued for their arrest after their last failure to show up in court. They are facing charged of defrauding an Inn keeper after allegedly running out on a large bill from a hotel.

The Quaids' saga has gotten stranger and stranger, with both espousing conspiracy theories and other off-the-wall rants while dealing with the legal system.

Sadly, I am fairly certain that Randy Quaid does not have $80,000 lying around his outlaw rented Mercedes to pay for all this legal crapola. Maybe he could hock that Golden Globe?

In the mean time, he better pray that he and Evi GET SEPARATE CELLS! She will set him on fire before swallowing her hidden cyanide pill, probably. I mean, it seems plausible.

O how and where shall this tale end?

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