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Fear and Loathing On The Quaids' Trail 2010

(image via The Daily Beast)

Whoa. The Daily Beast has a super in-depth analysis of the complete and utter insanity that is "Hollywood's Nightmare Couple," AKA The QUAIDS, and it is a DOOZY. Some of this stuff we've gone over before on Felt Up, but I think a refresher is in order, because there's a lot to process.

Here is the reporter, Diane Dimond, describing the couple's arrest last week near Marfa, Texas by sheriff's deputy James Davis, before they went on the lam:
But the 6-foot-4 actor [Randy Quaid], now sporting a full Santa Claus-like beard, was subdued in comparison to his diminutive wife. “It was a psychotic episode with her,” Davis says. “Evi was slapping at and pulling at officers, not really assaulting but resisting full on ... fussing and fuming. I finally got a hold of her, put her down on the hood of the car and put the cuffs on behind her back.” Randy, apparently realizing the severity of the situation, tried to help officers get his wife to calm down.

After the Quaids were booked and photographed, deputies drove them to the bank to withdraw money for their $20,000 bond because, “Frankly, we didn’t want them in our jail overnight.”

Perhaps the strangest part of last week’s incident was that it wasn’t that strange. Davis, for one, had witnessed her act before: “I’ve had a few episodes in the past with her when she shows up screaming at [Marfa city] council meetings. I get called in to keep the peace when she’s around.” And the couple has recently left behind a trail of allegedly unpaid bills, from ritzy hotels to trailer parks, accountants to private detectives, the latter hired to exact revenge on several enemies and to help figure out, in the words of P.I. Becky Altringer, “who was trying to kill them.”

Dimond notes that Evi is "a former nude model for Helmut Newton (huzzah!), which is news to me. I thought she just arrived in the world, fully formed, as The Nutso Wife of Randy Quaid.

The article goes into detail about the Quaids' downward, wacko spiral, which seems to stem from Randy's lifetime banishment from the Actors' Equity union after an entire play's worth of cast and crew complained about the Quaids' bizarre behavior and harrassment:
Two weeks later, the Quaids appeared at union headquarters in Los Angeles and Evi allegedly screamed at employees and physically attacked a 76-year-old receptionist, according to several restraining orders later filed against Evi by Actors' Equity employees. Evi would later say it was all a “despicable lie” from members of a “corrupt union.”
The union expulsion made it difficult for Randy to earn a living; Evi, was, of course, acting as Randy's manager and proceeded to go on a paranoid rampage involving delusions of Mob involvement in a plot to murder the Quaids, credit card fraud, Demerol, and the hiring of private eye Becky Altringer:

Evi filmed her run-in at the union offices with her ever-present handheld camera. Altringer says she was shown the video during a meeting this June at the Avalon Hotel in Beverly Hills at which time the Quaids hired her to get information on those who’d taken out the restraining orders. After the Quaids’ stay at that luxury hotel, the bill was paid with a credit card in the name of “Janet Cross.” Altringer says Evi gave her that card to use for dinner and it was declined.

Altringer quickly got sucked into the Quaids’ strange world. She says they insisted that a former business manager had taken out a million-dollar life-insurance policy on Randy and had hired “the Mob” to kill both Quaids to collect the payout. It was to be staged to look like a murder/suicide, Evi explained, and Altringer’s job was to help identify the “killers.”

Altringer says she witnessed Evi Quaid self-medicating with Demerol three times a day. "She told me she snorted it in her left nostril so it would go right to her brain to cure her migraines. I saw her do this myself. She also … believed [Michael] Jackson was murdered along with Heath Ledger, Chris Penn, David Carradine, Natasha Richardson, and other stars who (had been) in movies with Randy.”

Altringer says she was instructed by Evi to run a check on several license plate numbers from the funeral of David Carradine. The Quaids were certain the drivers were the “killers.” The plates came back as employees of Forest Lawn Cemetery.

Dude, how awesome is it that Evi Quaid believes there is a conspiracy to murder every actor who ever worked with Randy Quaid? Does this mean Chevy Chase is next on the hit list?

Apparently the couple owes money all over the place, including unpaid bills at fancy hotels, the Mickey Fine Pharmacy in Beverly Hills, a former business manager who is owed $85,000, a friend who says the couple stole antiques from her house after she refused to lend them money, and they kept a rented Mercedes so long the rental company almost declared it stolen ("Evi writes that they abandoned the Mercedes because they feared a bugging device had been installed"--naturellement).

But wait, there's more:
Such seemingly paranoid behavior was on display again this past Friday. At 9:23 am, about 12 hours after the couple was released from jail, Evi Quaid turned up at Marfa, Texas’ rival police department and filed a complaint against Sheriff's Deputy Davis. In a tightly scrawled handwritten grievance she wrote that Davis was part of a plot with the Stagehands’ Union and their former business manager who had been “attempting to acquire our assets illegally by creating false evidence.” She didn’t stop there. Evi then rolled up to the sheriff’s office with a moving truck on which she’d hand painted a sign that read, "Deputy James Davis takes payments ... call & make offers."
Well, on this point I have to admit that it does make a lot of sense that the Marfa, TX police department would be in cahoots with the Stagehands' Union and Randy Quaid's former business manager to steal the assets of a couple who declared banktruptcy in 2000 and are wanted for unpaid bills throughout these United States. She does have a good point, there, I'll give her that.

Oh, and this would make me sleep just great at night if I was Randy Quaid:
Altringer says during the month she worked for the Quaids, Evi told her on an almost daily basis that she and Randy were “going to end up like Phil and Bryn Hartman”–a reference to Saturday Night Live Star Phil Hartman who was shot dead in his bed by his drug-plagued wife Bryn, who then killed herself. The private investigator, whose firm, Aerial Investigations, is owed $17,000 by the Quaids, says she worries Evi’s premonition might come true.
AAAAAAAAAAAH! This is going to end BADLY, I predict. Randy Quaid: Run for your life! Get as far away from this crazy lady as you can! Run, Randy, RUN!

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