Thursday, March 11, 2010

WTF Non-News Story of The Day

Well, gee. I hadn't realized that the late Corey Haim had a new girlfriend before he died, and that that girlfriend was DAISY DE LA HOYA FROM "DAISY OF LOVE" AND "ROCK OF LOVE"!

(image via eonline)

According to E Online, Daisy was a Lost Boys fan (of course) and is dealing with her grief via Twitter (naturally):

Things appeared to be looking up for Corey Haim when he died.

Not only did the fallen 38-year-old actor have eight film projects in the works, but he also had a new love interest who wanted to rescue him from substance abuse.

After being introduced by Corey Feldman shortly before Haim died, he began dating 27-year-old Daisy de la Hoya, the star of VH1 reality show Daisy of Love

"I'm sooooooo devastated right now," de la Hoya tweeted this morning. "This is the worst day ever I can't believe this."

The romance between the two was very new. "Daisy loved The Lost Boys, and she always had a crush on Corey," a source close to De la Hoya tells us. "Their first official date was two weeks ago, but they'd been hanging out a little while before that. Corey invited her to the Playboy Mansion. Corey Feldman came, too."

De la Hoya apparently wanted to help Haim with his struggles. "Daisy knew Corey was doing a lot of drugs—especially prescription meds," our source says. "She thought he was kind and talented, and she wanted to rescue him. She became his confidant over the last few weeks. He told her a lot."

Although their relationship was new, De la Hoya was already excited about where things could lead. "They weren't in an exclusive relationship, but they were having a lot of fun getting to know each other and seeing what would happen," our source says. "Corey told Daisy she is a beautiful person with a beautiful heart."

A rep for De la Hoya tells us she was "bawling and inconsolable" when she heard the news about Haim's tragic death this morning.

De la Hoya also tweeted, "Why do I always fall for the lost soul? We could of been lost together, now your lost forever.... Ill miss you."

Since Miss La Hoya is in the midst of mourning, I will refrain from correcting her grammar (sorry, I can't stand it--it's "could HAVE been lost together," dear).

What a strange, sad, crazy world we live in!

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Anonymous said...

you're and not your, too. I'm so sick of them listing her as a niece of Oscar Dela-whatever. Anyone who's ever seen that family knows they all look like they just crawled underneath the fence. Give me a break.
Someone she knows used to date someone in his family, That don't make her a relative. (how's that for some bad grammar?)