Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Which Scary Skull Looked Worse?

In order to get our minds off the tragic, if not all that surprising death of Corey Haim, lets play another edition of the game called Who Looked Worse?

For this very special Oscar Edition, let's take a looksee at Ms. Sarah Jessica Parker:

(image via national post)

In my humble opinion, she is too orange, too squinty, too thin, and her hair is reminiscent of Gary Oldman in Bram Stoker's Dracula (what is this, a new trend? Wampyre hair is sweeping Los Angeles, apparently!).

Now, compare and contrast with Miss Suzy Amis-- actress, fifth wife of James Cameron, death head:

(image via el espectador) The new "American Gothic"?

Granted, she is 48 years old, a tad older than SJP (three years), but is similarly skeletal and just plain frightening to behold. When you search "Suzy Amis Oscars" on Google, things like "How old is Suzy Amis?" and "Who was that old lady with James Cameron?" and "Was that James Cameron's mother?" come back, which is sad. She needs a) blush and b) food.

Quick review:

Orange squinty skull in Chanel sack dress:

(image via fabsugar)

Vs. pale, elderly skull in eco-Nav'i dress:

(image via

WHO LOOKED WORSE? Leave your answers in the comment box, please.


aaronwinslow said...

Who is that old lady standing next to Suzy Amis?

jennifer said...

ha! joan rivers said he looked like an "old lesbian."

aaronwinslow said...

Oh, Joan!
They all need some sort of conditioner/flyaway management lackey.

jennifer said...

don't we all...although perhaps some more than others.

Eowyn said...

Both SJ Parker and Susie Amis look frightening, but in different ways.

SJP, for all her money, chose a terrible hair style and just plain awful unflattering sack gown (what possessed her to choose it?). And what's with the orange skin color? Suntan lotion gone wild?

As for Amis, that's just sad. How can a 48-year-old woman look this old and frail? Is she ill with cancer? Is she anorexic? Because she's married to James cameron? Noticed how utterly indifferent he was to her at the Oscar's, in contrast to her looking adoringly at him?

Whatever the reason, somebody should do an "intervention" and help Amis before she drops dead.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that James Cameron's wife is only 7 years older than me. She clearly spent the better part of her life tanning, or smoking like a chimney. Wow, only 47. I am taken aback.

Unknown said...

Amis is vegan.