Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Quaid Quimespree?

There's good news and bad news in the continuing Quaids Crisis. The bad news is: Randy's gray hair and olden-timey mountain man beard that I posted about earlier were actually from a court appearance in December, not the one that took place this week. He is currently sporting leprauchan-ish orange hair and no beard. Boooooo. Booooooo, Randy Quaid, booooooo!

(image via Radar Online)

The good news, at least for us, is that while in court the Quaids were served with papers for three--count 'em three--new lawsuits! Huzzah! Quaid Court will be in session for a good, long time. According to Radar Online:

A source tells RadarOnline.com that just prior to the hearing a process server appeared and served the couple with three separate lawsuits, prompting Evi to almost lose her cool.

“The process server walked up to them and Evi told her to get away from her,” the source told RadarOnline.com. “She was pi**ed. So the server went up to the bailiff and the bailiff walked over to them and told them they had to take the paperwork.”

The lawsuits were filed by the Quaid’s former private investigator, Becky Altringer, RadarOnline.com has confirmed. We spoke to Altringer who told us, “I’m just so happy because for so long I haven’t been able to find them.”

Altringer said she is suing the couple for $17,200, which includes damages to the mobile home she says they trashed as well as money Altringer says the Quaids never paid her.

Let me get this straight: The Quaids hired a private investigator, wrecked her trailer (were they living in it? was it a party pad?) and then disappeared so that she couldn't track them down. First of all: Awesome. Secondly, how good a P.I. could she be? It's RANDY QUAID running around with a Golden Globe and a fur coat and a crazy wife, for God's sake.

And the saga goes on.

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