Tuesday, March 16, 2010

No Other Val Dude Can Touch Him

(image via Austin American-Statesman)

Val Kilmer
(who was in Austin for the SWSW Film Festival premiere of MacGruber) keeps growing in my esteem. He is awesome. Just look at him! He keeps on getting nuttier and nuttier. He's practically the Grand Poobah of New Mexico, clearly doesn't give a fig about his appearance, and was genius in Real Genius. He plays the villain in MacGruber, which gives me hope that it might be a funny movie.

Looking the way he does, he should totally play the Ronnie Van Zandt role in the upcoming (in my mind) Lynyrd Skynyrd biopic We Died So That Kid Rock May Flourish. Alternatively, he could play the lead in the Lifetime movie I Rhyme Diabetes With Why A Beat Us: The Bret Michaels Story. On the other hand, he kind of has a Vince Neil vibe going, too. Oh, hell, just insert the overweight aging/and/or dead rocker of your choice...

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