Monday, March 01, 2010

The Continuing QUAIDS Crisis

It has been quiet--too quiet--on the Quaids front of late, but thankfully, nutty nutballs Randy and Evi finally showed up in California for their defrauding-an-innkeeper court case. And to bolster their ironclad case they brought Randy's 1988 Golden Globe for "LBJ:The Early Years," according to TMZ, as a "witness."

Also in attendance in the courtroom: Randy's awesome new BEARD:

(image via TMZ)

I'm really liking this new look (he apparently stopped dying his hair, and it's a huge improvement). He kind of has a Hatfield/McCoy-funeral-goer, moonshine-runner-dressed-up-for-an-interrogation-by-the-Revenuers look about him that is very appealing.

As for Evi, I hereby nominate her to play the lead in the Lifetime movie A Shot At Tenure: The Amy Bishop Story. Just put a bob wig on her et voila! You got a second Golden Globe to be your character witness...

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