Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kat Von D Has Indeed Managed To Spite Her Own Face

So here's what "LA Ink" reality star/former fiancee of Orby Orbison/current flame of Nikki Six Ms. Kat Von D used to look like:

Pretty! Attractive! Of course, god only knows what she looked like in her youth--oh wait, here we go:

She's in the red gingham top (I thought that should be mentioned, since she is UNRECOGNIZABLE!). Cute! Fetching!

So what does La Von D look like now, you ask? Like Marisa Tomei with a partially paralyzed tattooed face:

AAAAAAAAAAAAH! Not only does she not look herself anymore, her nose is way too small for her face. Look at the gap between her nose and her upper lip! Also, she's kind of got a Stepford Wives creepy robotic stare going on. All and all--she is FREAKING ME OUT.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Another Year, Another Frightening Celeb Photo of The Day!

If you need any proof that 2010 is going to be the SEXIEST year ever, well just FEAST your eyes on these scintillating beach photos of one Miss Rachel Zoe frolicking in St. Bart's:

(photos via the WOW Report via JustJared)

Looks like "not making food a priority" has really paid off for Rachel--in HOTTNESS.