Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ashes To Ashes, Dust To Danzig

Wowza. The Fun Fun Fun Festival was last weekend here in Austin, and the American-Statesman has this newsflash about headliner Danzig and his extremely devoted fandom:

This communique and photo from Transmission Entertainment honcho Graham Williams, fresh from this weekend’s Fun Fun Fun Fest, gets today’s Needs No Setup or Intro award. Take it away, sir:

Hello my friends…. This was too unreal and kinda hilarious to keep on my computer as wallpaper, so here is the photographic evidence, but last night at the end of Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, some girl definitely DID run up to the stage and pour her dead friend’s ashes on the spot where Glen Danzig was standing on stage, as “this was her last dying wish.” No disrespect to any of the awesome bands that played my festival, but I didn’t see anyone do that when Kevin Barnes left the Of Montreal stage. I’m just saying…some people have a special kind of fan. I think I DID see a dreadlock fly by GZA during “Liquid Swords,” but I digress….
Weirder still is that it’s probably an even money bet that this type of thing has happened to Danzig more than once before.
OK, Felt Up has a few questions:

1) Who was this awesome girl and what did she die of? Sure, it's none of my business, but that's beside the point.

2) What was Danzig's reaction? Or had he already left the stage? Does this happen so often that he has an "ash technician"?

3) Why didn't she pour the ashes ON Danzig himself?

4) Who is going to pour your humble Felt Up blogette's ashes on Liza Minelli?

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Felt Up EXCLUSIVE! Fresh News From the Quaids Frontline

(image via aarontodd)

Except for a recent wee tidbit about crazy old Randy Quaid and his nutso wife Evi getting unsuccessfully extradited from Texas to California to face "defrauding an innkeeper" charges, there has been a woeful lack of Quaids Crisis news of late. There has been such a dearth that I have been forced to read about crap like this.

So imagine my delight when a) a little bird sent me this super-hot tip from deep in the heart of Crazy Quaidsville, USA and b) I realized that I could say the phrase "Felt Up can report EXCLUSIVELY" that a mutual friend of mine and the bird just returned from Marfa, Texas and filed this urgent report:
Got to Marfa on Friday, saw Randy Quaid almost immediately. They are currently remodeling a building on main street and are in a war with the other owners. Literally, while we were there, the wife put a ladder against the building, climbed on the roof and cut the neighbor's dish tv power line. Sheriff came, people driving down the street telling her to "get the f**k out of marfa". We watched it all from the Paisano across the street. The drama went on for two days. AWESOME.
Huzzah! A feudin' and a fussin' QUAIDS style, man. I wonder if this is why formerly sober brother Dennis Quaid has gone off the wagon in a big way?