Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What Did You Drew?

Has anyone noticed that Felt Up close personal friend Drew Barrymore has suddenly morphed into Kate Winslet? Take a look:

(image via cbs)

(image via awful plastic surgery)

(image via cbs)

Sure, she's lost weight and probably "drinks water and does yoga" blah blah blah, but her eyes are a completely different shape and she looks way more like Kate Winslet than herself. It's freaking me out!

Drew, call me!


Phil Flowers said...

Great, just in time for us all to ignore her stupid
roller derby fantasy, yawn.

Humble Blogette, it's been a little while since you've
checked in with lovecraftian monster Courtney Love.
Do you have anything new; her many law suits,
her terrible albums, her terrifying melting face?

rjblueyes said...

She does look a little different... but she IS getting older also. Sorry Drew, I really did mean that in a good way. I love *ALMOST* all of your movies. :)

jason gentry said...

I like Kate Winslet.

Unknown said...

This is great do you have a catologue if so I would love one to share with friends and family.

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