Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mime Is Money

On last night's season premiere of "Nip/Tuck" there was:

One jarring replacement of the actress who played Teddy, the possible grifter/definite drug fiend/anaesthesiologist/girlfriend of Dr. Sean McNamara, with terrible facelift recipient/homewrecker Rose MacGowan.

One awesome voiceover narration by Felt Up fave rave Ms. Linda Hunt.

One unceremonious dumping of semi-lesbian Dr. Liz by a now-in-remission Dr. Christian Troy.

One pissed-off semi-lesbian Dr. Liz hiring a blind bulldog lawyer played by Mr. Barry Bostwick to sue Dr. Christian Troy for divorce and take one-half of everything he has, all of which he put under her name when he thought he was dying of breast cancer.

One financial crisis turning Dr. Sean McNamara into an anxious, sleepless wreck and Dr. Christian Troy into a spendthrift shopaholic yacht buyer.

One creepy Michael Jackson-lookalike son Matt becoming a MIME.

One return of the plastic surgeon played by Mario Lopez and his vaginal rejuvenation golden goose to McNamara/Troy. (See NSFW photo at "bottom" of this post for a screen shot of Mario Lopez and Dr. Christian Troy having a super-homoerotic shower on a previous episode.)

One infomercial for the "vaginal uplift" starring Mario Lopez, Drs. McNamara and Troy, and Kimber, Dr. Christian Troy's former fiancee/daughter-in-law/porn star/infant plastic surgery pusher.

One dejected mime turning to a probable life of crime in mime makeup.

One desperate Dr. Christian Troy almost succombing to the old "hold your pee pee and describe it to the blind divorce lawyer" ruse.

One scene of Rose MacGowan proposing marriage to a conflicted, uncertain, and sleepless Dr. Sean McNamara, who of course says "yes."

One scene of Rose MacGowan pushing sleeping pills on Dr. Sean McNamara, who takes some and promptly goes into some kind of a coma.


This season on "Nip/Tuck" there will be a mime crime spree, prescription drug addiction, sex, violence, naughty language, graphic scenes of plastic surgery set to hilarious background music, and here's hoping, more homoerotic tension between these two:

(image via justjared)