Friday, September 25, 2009

No Cure For The QUAIDS Crisis

(image via tmz)

Whew. The Quaids Crisis continues, hot-n-heavy! I can barely keep up.

According to TMZ
, Evi Quaid went nuts in the office of the sheriff in Marfa, Texas, where she and Randy were arrested yesterday:
Evi Quaid thinks the cop who arrested her and husband Randy is corrupt. How do we know this? Because she just showed up at his office and went "psychotic" on him.

Deputy James Davis of Presidio County Sheriff's Office in Marfa, Texas tells TMZ Evi showed up at the station just moments ago screaming at him, accusing him of being "a crooked, corrupt cop" who concocted "a plot against her and her husband."

Davis described it as a "psychotic episode."

He claims she followed him into the station and threw a handwritten statement at him accusing him of setting them up.

Davis says Quaid then went to a nearby courthouse and as she was leaving, backed into a motorcycle that was parallel parked.
What happened to Marfa, TX being a "great place to get arrested," Little Evi? Not content to go "psychotic" on the man, she then hand painted a huge sign accusing the sheriff of taking bribes and hung it on a big truck and parked it in front of the mayor's office:
Evi painted the sign -- directed at Deputy James Davis -- on the side of a truck she personally drove and parked outside of Mayor Dan Dunlap's office moments ago. The sign says "Deputy James Davis takes payments ... call & make offers."

But Deputy Davis tells us he won't take the smear campaign laying down, saying, "She's entitled to her freedom of speech, but at some point it becomes libel. I'm considering legal action if it continues."


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