Monday, August 17, 2009

A Felt Up Shameless Plug

Gatti's dessert pizzas image via pastaqueen

When your humble Felt Up blogette isn't worrying about Kim's wig getting torn off her head by Sheree on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," she sings in a band called Nagel. And in order to win free pizza for a year, some members of Nagel recorded a jingle for a contest sponsored by local pizza chain Gatti's. And if you feel like it, you can hear said jingle, called "I'm Just Looking for a Gatti's," with lyrics and vocal stylings by your humble Felt Up blogette, here and if you're in the mood, vote for it by clicking on the heart next to the song, which, for security reasons, was recorded under the name THE WINNERS.

If The Winners win, WE ALL WIN, really. Because I will personally take each and every one of my readers for a Gatti's pizza. Both of you!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

News For Vampire Nerds!

and Bill are engaged in real life! OMFG!

I just hope this doesn't mean we get even more endless amounts of time on "True Blood" devoted to their romance. It is the dullest part of the show. More Eric! More Lafayette! More Eric-n-Lafayette together!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Love Means Never Being Able To Say Anything

Answer to Who The Eff Is This: Once again, it's Courtney Love, at least I think so:

(image via the WOW Report)

She is a work in progress, people. A terrifying, gruesome work in progress.

Now, onto further horrors. Try and guess the age of this woman:

(image via Jezebel)

She is:

a) 45 years old

b) 55 years old

c) Courtney Love

Ha! It's none of the above. Ms. Rachel Zoe, stylist to the stars, possible purveyor of horse diet pills, and 7th sign of the Apocalypse, is a spring chick of 37 years old. 37 YEARS OLD.

Bananas, indeed.

Who The EFF Is THIS?

Hey! It's another edition of Who The Eff Is THIS? Take a gander at this photo and see if you can guess who the hell it is:

Here's a clue: It's not Dina "Mother of the Year" Lohan, a member of the Gosselin family, or a morning news anchor.

It IS someone featured a lot on Felt Up.

The answer will be in the next post!