Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Creepy, Yet Awesome.

Who would have thought that amidst all the circus elephants, Stevie Wonder, the entire insane Jackson family, Usher's fake tears, a solid gold coffin, and Mariah Carey, the most interesting sight at the Michael Jackson funeral would be Corey Feldman in full Dangerous regalia, like he used to rock back in '91? It was weird back then and it's even weirder now, but bless his little heart for being such a freakadeak. The show must go on!

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Anonymous said...

What an unstoppable dork. You know that he actually "lashed out" at Michael at one point because he was no longer his friend? Like Michael was obligated to be his friend forever. Corey Feldman is the world's biggest, whiney little toad.