Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Felt Up Has Questions!

After looking at photos of President and Mrs. Obama's meet-n-greet with Queen and Mr. Elizabeth, I wonder:

(image via the huffington post)

Are these Brits extra-tiny or are our president and first lady giants? Or both? Look at Prince Philip--he's positively Liliputian! The Queen represents the Lollipop Guild!


aaronwinslow said...


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure it's a combination of both. However, the Obamas are also very tall.

Terri R.

EL018 said...

I can attest to the tallness of the Obamas. They used to work-out in a private gym on the top floor of the building I used to work in. I saw him breeze through a couple of times. Ms. Culbert ( would say, "Morning, Senator!" The top floor also housed vending machines. It was a day that I decided I needed a Diet Coke that I ran into her. I was the only one in the elevator up. When the door opened she had a smile just for me. I stand 6'3" and I swear I was looking up.

miss wind said...

old people shrink and it goes double for royalty