Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Fun New Game!

It's called "Who The Eff IS This?" and here is your clue:

Here are some hints:

1) It's not Barbara "I Dream of Jeannie" Eden circa 2007.

2.) It is someone under the age of 45.

3.) It is not a member of the Versace family.

Guess who the eff this is in the comments and I'll post the answer tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Courtney Love, right?

Meg said...

courtney love.

aaronwinslow said...

I am doll farts.

Anonymous said...

Courtney Love. I like that weird skin flap, where there should maybe be side boob. I also like your fun new game but it's too easy. Maybe just a body part next time? Example; "Who does this skin flap belong to?"