Monday, February 23, 2009

The Fashion Was Divine

Everyone is talking about the Barbie-esque looks that were so popular on the Oscar red carpet last night, but I think the inspiration for this, the gayest of all Academy Awards (huzzah!), came from a different source. Behold:

Some girl from "Grey's Anatomy."

Some girl I'm too old to know about. Taylor? Miley? Vanessa? Leighton?

Beyonce! Thank god, someone I recognize.

And the look they were all going for:


Am I right or am I right?


Anonymous said...

You are SO right. Sadly, none of these ladies can hold a candle to Divine. That kind of glamour is hard to come by. The closest we have now is Pete Burns.

Terri R.

Unknown said...

I'd be more convinced if they were carrying pistols. Because they are not, I hereby convict them of, Assholism!

Anonymous said...

That look is stupid even on an ugly, obese man.
I believe the unidentifiable one is Vanessa Hudgens. I only know that because I'm always surprised when I see pictures of her with her clothes on.