Tuesday, December 16, 2008


(image via E!Online)

Sharon Osbourne
might be in a spot of trouble with the law after allegedly physically attacking the least charming (and that is saying a lot) Charm School-er Megan H.,whose "job" is being a professional reality show contestant (she is a former winner of Beauty and The Geek and former loser on Bret Michael's Rock of Love 2 and I Love Money).

Apparently, during the filming of the recent Charm School reunion special, Megan said some insulting, possibly true, things about Sharon--that she is only famous for managing her husband Ozzy's career, and that he is a "brain-dead rock star." So Sharon went nuts and scratched Megan's face and pulled her hair, as one would totally expect Sharon to do in this situation. Megan can say what she wants about Dallas, Heather, Crystal, or Leilene, but when she maligns Ozzy, she is crusin' for a bruisin'!

All I can say is, brava! Sharon Osbourne! Brava! Megan has been so consistently hateful and horrible and bitchy and mean on all these shows, in a way that I think transforms her hot bod and pretty (for reality tv) face into a hideous Medusa-like visage of pure ugliness, that I'm really glad someone finally scratched her stupid eyes out.

Oh, and Megan is supposed to have her own spin-off reality show soon, called Trophy Wife. Or MILF Island. Or Dog Swap. I'm not sure which.



Anonymous said...

I'm trying to grasp why these two women- both of whom are under contract with the E network- would engage in a spontaneous act of violence when it is bound to result in their faces, names, and the names of their shows, getting placed in news media across the globe!

I just don't get it.

Anonymous said...

What is even harder to "get" is why Heather gets to physically assault people as often as she wants, and for some odd reason, never has to deal with law enforcement. She does is on camera and everyone blows it off. I guess I wasn't paying attention to this show soon enough, because she isn't half as offensive as Lacey or Dallas. Those two are never going to acquire any class.

miss wind said...

that shit was awesome! sharon dumped that drink on her in some kind of ole fashion brains-over-braun type move

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