Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Phoenix Rising From The Asses

Oh, dear God.

Normally I get excited when a favorite star of mine goes over the edge into the Abyss Of Craaaazy, but this is not one of those times. Joaquin Phoenix has apparently retired from acting so he can start a music career.

Digest that for a moment.

Now, get ready to barf it all up, because according to People magazine:
Last week Phoenix, who played Johnny Cash in the biopic Walk the Line and his pal Casey Affleck hit Culver City night spot Carbon for their funk night where Phoenix surprised the crowd with a rap performance which Affleck recorded.

Well, I shouldn't be too surprised, as Joaquin is a well-known kooky kookerton who grew up in a religious sex cult. And I will reserve judgment on his new musical career until I hear the evidence, but let me tell you, "rapping at funk night" is not a good sign.


impychimp said...

I only love him more now.

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