Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Amy Winehouse Makes A Withdrawal From The Perm Bank

Even though I don't blog about celeb gossip (or anything at all) very much anymore, I do keep up with all the non-news happenings and goings-on and lesbian affairs with celebrity djs and whatnot. I usually just can't muster the energy to write about them, that's all, especially now that Britney Spears has settled herself down. Once that bald hair was re-grown, my interest in gossip waned. WANED, I say. It's simply too magnificent an act to follow. It's all downhill from here, people.

But of course I have been following the ups-n-downs of Amy Winehouse for what seems like an eternity, and lately the biggest change in her life (besides the recent release of her nogoodnik cad husband Blake from prison) is that she has ditched her trademark ginormous beehive hairdo and gotten a Rizzo-style curly perm:

Now, like most women of a certain age, I am all for a tight perm on almost anyone besides myself, and I do think that in theory this 'do is could be fetching. However, without resorting to cruelty, I must say that her facial features and scraggly, mesh-and-acid-washed-denim-clad body are not being done any favors by that hairdo, which is just another in the endless series of tragedies that have befallen Ms. Winehouse of late, let me tell you.

Then today, Janet Charlton posted this photo heralding that the "beehive's back!"; unfortunately, the hive's triumphant return to Amy's head was somewhat marred by her unusual decision to simply plunk the ratty ole hive hairpiece on top of the curly Rizzo hair:

An improvement, yes, but it does make her seem even crazier, which I had thought was impossible, and somewhat poodle-esque, and not in a good way. Perhaps the addition of one of her patented Rosie The Riveter doo-rags or 1940s washerwoman headscarves would ease the transition from wig to perm, like one of those strips of plastic used to transition from hardwood flooring to tile. Something.


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I think she looks a lot like Carrot Top. Yikes.
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