Monday, April 07, 2008

Triumph of the Wig

And then there were two. I know, it's hard to believe that we are already down to the final skanktestants on "Rock of Love 2," but like sand in the hourglass, so are the days of Bret's wig. Which we finally saw in all its lustrous, hand-sewn-by-master-Malaysian-weavemasters glory. But more on that later!

Rock-n-Roll! Whoo-hoo!




Destiney, Ambre, and Daisy return from Las Vegas--older, wiser, and, though I would have once thought it impossible, even more haggard than when they left. They eat a lackluster breakfast slumped over like used-up dish rags in Bret's McMansion kitchen. A note arrives with some buckets and cleaning supplies--are they going to detox Daisy's face? Noooo, they have to clean the house for mystery guests about to arrive. The fact that these girls actually put the rubber gloves on and get a' scrubbin' speaks volumes about this season's crop of contenders compared to last season's--can you imagine what Heather's reaction would have been if she'd been handed a mop?

After some half-hearted toilet cleaning, the girls get their first visitor...and it's Ambre's daddy, Daddy. He's a beefy southern man who for some bizarre reason seems less than thrilled that his daughter has given up her Sunday school class and PTA cookie-baking duties to find fake love on a reality show with the singer of Poison. Ambre immediately gets a thick southern accent and suddenly sounds (and looks) like some long-lost bottle-blonde Sugarbaker sister from "Designing Women." Bret comes out to greet Daddy and OH MY GOD THE WIG IS UNADORNED! He is unburdened by doo-raggery, unfettered by straw headgear! Stripped bare, his wig lies on his head as naked as the day it was born, back in 1992. It is mesmerizing. Like the day man landed on the moon or Oswald was shot in Dallas, this is going down as one of tv history's greatest moments. A day that will live in wigfamy. One small step for a wig, one giant leap for wigkind! BEHOLD:

Ask not what your wig can do for you, but what you can do for your wig.

Bret tries to be all down-homey and macho and talk about barbecue and football with Ambre's father, but the wig is kind of making a mockery of any Red State just-folks normalcy that he's trying to achieve.

Daisy interviews that she hasn't seen her parents in years and doesn't have any family to speak of. Does this mean her tio Oscar de la Hoya may show up and save the day and bring candy and presents? No, it does not. She's afraid her lack of kinfolk will make her look like a freak to Bret (in case her face didn't already do the job, of course) and she is kind of killing my buzz.

Next comes Destiney's parents, and they are totally and completely insanely awesome. Her dad is wearing a rocker velvet jacket and has tattoos encircling his head (that unfortunately look a great deal like hair plugs) and no teeth whatsoever, and I feel really bad because when I first saw him I made a crack about him looking a bit like a rock-n-roll Blue from Old School, but then felt like a total dick because he eventually reveals that he's dying of liver cancer and only has a few months to live. He and Bret immediately bond over their mutual love of motorcycles, cross-themed formal wear, tattoos, and lack of hair follicles. It's all rather sweet and tragic at the same time and why is this show making me sad when it is supposed to be about nothin' but a good time? WHAT IS GOING ON THIS SEASON?

Finally we get to see who has come to represent for Daisy and though I fervently prayed to God in heaven that C.C. Deville would show up as surprise "twist" guest, the best the show can come up with is...Marilyn Manwich's older sister, Meryl Manwich. Yes, Daisy's ex-boyfriend's sister is the closest "relative" they could cough up and again, what a goddamn bummer this is turning out to be. SIGH!

Barbecue time comes, and Bret starts asking Ambre's dad about his kids, and then Daddy drops the bombshell that Ambre is 37 years-old and not the 31/32 she has claimed to Bret and to that ridiculous swami dude and everyone else on Earth. Oh. My. Gawd! Bret is stunned and shocked that he has been making out with someone who is within 7 years of his own age, albeit under false pretenses. He wonders if she's been lying about anything else. Well, if she has claimed to drive anything other than a Dodge Caravan, then yes, Bret, she has.

For some reason, Bret feels the need to take all the family members into a screening room to watch a Poison concert video. Everyone is a bit uncomfortable because even Meryl Manwich--who has had to endure years of her baby' brother's Seraphim Shock concerts--can tell that this is a very terrible band. Well, everyone except Bret, of course, and Destiney, who is moved by the awful music to jump around and gyrate and act the fool. The slutty, stripperish fool. You'd think Bret would be kinda turned on by these antics, but he's a bit embarrassed for her and worries that she's too much of a groupie to really be there for him when he's off the stage at Six Flags' Magic Mountain.

Daisy and Bret and Meryl go off to the Rainbow Room, the world-famous rock club in Hollywood. Daisy is so impressed with this dump that it makes me, yet again, sad. Which makes me angry. Bret presses Meryl for more information on the whole are-Daisy-and-Marilyn-still-having-sex thing blah blah blah, and Daisy says that Marilyn cheated on her and that her world is not black and white, but color. Bret, Meryl, the entire human race, and possibly Daisy herself are all deeply confused by this explanation.

Back at Skank Manor, Ambre's Daddy tries to talk sensibly with Destiney about her future, which is sweet and hilarious and nonsensical at the same time, sort of like watching him ask an emu if it enjoys being feathered and would it mind if he put a wee beret on its head? Daddy asks her what happens if she gets picked by Bret and Destiney stares back uncomprehendingly, and he asks what would she be doing in six months, and she's all, "acting, doing music videos, being on tv shows, bartending, and hosting" and I think I can safely say that those last two are the only actual things she will be doing in six months, regardless of whether or not she is Bret's Rock of Love.

Meryl Manwich is trying to convince Bret that Daisy is being truthful about her relationship with her brother Marilyn. I think. It's kind of hard to figure out their convoluted soul-searching conversation. He still thinks Daisy is hiding something, but he wants to trust Meryl's "truthful eyes" and Daisy's "enormous fake boobs."

For his date with Destiney (ha ha!) and her parents, Bret has arranged for a motorcycle ride, which is a very kind thing, as Destiney's dad had to sell his motorcycle when Destiney was born. There are some nice scenes of the dad and mom on one bike and Bret and Destiney on his hideous yellow-checkered-cab-themed hog, riding around town and having a great time. Just when you start to think, "This show is kind of touching and these girls aren't so bad after all," they pull up at a tattoo parlor in a strip mall so that Destiney can get the "Rock of Love 2" logo tattooed on her neck for all eternity. First of all, Heather already did this and did it 1000% awesomer, because she went insane and had Bret's name tattooed, beyotch! Hells to the crazy! Secondly, skank+ neck tattoo+"Rock of Love"=Kiss of death. And speaking of death, this is how you want to spend your precious remaining time with your father?

Bret actually has the nerve to get pissy because she is not so batshit nuts as to put the words "Rock of Love 2" in the tattoo! He thinks Heather was more "committed," but look how that worked out for her, Bret! Jeez Louise, man. Let this girl salvage some teensy shred of dignity! Wait, wait--what am I saying? It would have been way better tv to see Destiney get "Rock of Love 2: Electric Skankaloo" etched into her skin forever!

Then it's time for Bret's date with Ambre and Daddy. They go to a sushi restaurant, even though Daddy clearly would rather eat Bret's wig. Immediately the Age Issue is brought up by Bret, and Ambre is shocked--shocked!--to learn that she lied to Bret about being 37 and not 31. The way she talks during her interview, it's like she has just found out that she was in a coma and said crazy things while unconscious. She explains to Bret that she constantly lies about her age due to her super-successful career in "show business," and basically says she is so used to lying about it that "31" just popped out of her mouth without her even thinking about it! It could happen to anyone! She interviews that she is terrified this will undo all her work at gaining Bret's trust, and she's crying and near-hysterical that she has blown it. She tells Bret she has fallen in love with him. I, on the other hand, have fallen in love with the piece of ahi tuna her dad is trying to gag down while all this drama swirls around him. Why am I suddenly reminded of Inna ?

When the various family and sort-of-not-really-family members get ready to leave, Ambre's dad hopes, awesomely, that Ambre can do "better than Bret Michaels," which is HILARIOUS, Meryl Manwhich calls her brother "Chuck" which I'm sure sent paroxyisms of embarrassment through Seraphim Shock HQ (ie, Daisy's apartment in Denver), and Destiney's parents were warm, likable, genuine, and, naturally, doomed.

When the skanktestants are alone again, Ambre decides to ask Destiney about her level of love for Bret. Is she one gazillion percent, truly, madly, deeply, fairytale storybook in looooooooove with Bret like Ambre and Daisy are? Destiney, showing hitherto unseen reserves of sanity and reason, says, "well, no, actually, I barely know the dude." She continues that yes, she is THERE for Bret and OPEN to loving him, etc etc, but she can't give her heart entirely to someone who might not love her back. And for this she will be BURNED AT THE STAKE. For clearly only an evil witch with hands soiled by the blackest magic would proclaim that she would not lay down her very soul for a 44-year-old has-been rocker in a wig! UNCLEAN! UNCLEAN! KILL! KILL!

Elimination time. Before you can say "hairweave for men," Ambre and Daisy have set up the pyre, tied Destiney to a post, and lit the match. They tell Bret that Destiney knowingly and with malice aforethought did admit to the greatest crime on reality competition dating shows: That she is not 100% in lurve with Bret. Bret's hands are tied. He knows the rules, man. He tosses the match and Destiney meets her destiny. Bret is sad.

Whassa goin' on, Bret?

(What's really sad is that her sweet dad, who predicted that he would only live until March, is proven true by the tribute/coda at the end of the show.)

But let's not let these tragic events get us down! Next week it's PARTY TIME IN CANCUN!

The final 2! Plus Ambre!


miss wind said...

reading these re-caps makes watcing "rock of love" worth it<3

TrAngela said...

sweet little baby jesus in a manager! Do you think Brett is slashing his wrist after being taped sans a head accessory? Is HE?!?! I'm slashing mine from the entire experience if that helps.

OMG. There's something terribly wrong with long flowing wig-frocks sans a cover coupled with his over-use of eye liner and shaved arms. I guess that is the look of "Affliction."


Anonymous said...

"The final 2! Plus Ambre!"

This is my favorite picture caption of the season.


Anonymous said...

I am laughing my way through your blog... you are hilarious!!!

identity crisis said...

where's the finale recap? I feel cold and alone with no feltupbyjen ROL afterthoughts