Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Frightening Celeb Photo of the Day

Take a gander at this person and try to guess who it is:

Is it: a) Dita Von Teese, age 35

b) Bebe Neuwirth (age 50), possibly showing off her new witch's costume from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

c) a lesser-known offspring of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis going through a severe case of Hot Topic Fever, or

d) Evan Rachel Wood (age 20)?

If you guessed d), well, you're way cleverer than I am, because I had no idea who this was at first glance. Here's what Miss Wood, best-known for her lead role in the harrowing tweens-gone-amok movie 13, looked like before she sold her soul to beau Marilyn Manson:

Does she have parents? And does she realize she is now living the Kim Novak part in Vertigo?


Anonymous said...

It's totally Vertigo. Good call. I smell a re-make!

Terri R.

Anonymous Phil Flowers said...

no I think that's the dude who sings for the Human League

chepo said...

I think she is hot

Anonymous said...

Mmmm, let's call for VH1 reality series in which Ms. Evan, Miley and Brittany all live together while getting makeovers each week from a panel made up of Posh, Dr. Phil, Bret, and Dr. Ryan!


Anonymous said...

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