Monday, March 31, 2008


Here are a few teensy, tiny tidbits to start your week:

First up, apparently it is possible that Heath Ledger might have fathered a love child back when he was 17, although the source of this information is his estranged uncle. This may turn out to be completely untrue, so stay tuned. I feel more and more sorry for his ex, Michelle Williams, though, I must say...

In other dead people non-news, crazy old blowsy broad Courtney Love is claiming that "con men" have ransacked the estate of Kurt Cobain. She left some kind of ranting, irate message at the New York Post shrieking that a couple of thieves stole Cobain's social security number and went on spending spree that might force his mother and sister to lose their homes. But don't worry, she says Scotland Yard are on the case. On the other hand, she might be insane.

And finally, check out this photo and see if you can figure out who it is:

(image via janet charlton's hollywood)

Give up? Why, it's Lara Flynn Boyle! I had no earthly idea who it was until Janet Charlton told me so! Look at those crazy cheek implants and trout lips! She's only 38!

OK, gotta start work on the epic "Rock of Love" recap. OMG. Can you believe Daisy had a "friendship" with CC Deville?

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