Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Starvation, Horse Pill, and IV Diet!

dextroamphetamine 10mg (14.5 tabs); adderall xr 20mg (19.0 capsules) image via flikr

I looove this kind of thing! The UK Daily Mail has an article today all about the crazy ass things celebs do to be skinny--despite telling the world their thinness is due to "great genes," yoga, walking the dog, or "chasing after" their toddler. (That crap makes me so mad! ) Most of it I'd heard before--cocaine, Adderall, fasting, horse pills, chain-smoking, coffee addiction, workout bulimia--but there are some new ones in there, too, such as:

*only eating a couple of boiled eggs a day OR only eating peanuts and Diet Coke

*consuming only master-cleanse and laxative tea

*checking into the hospital to be fed by IV

Marcia Cross says that her life is a "living hell" and that she is basically being "paid not to eat"! One celeb spent her birthday at the gym! Katherine Heigl would rather die of lung cancer than be fat!

Sometimes I'm really glad I'm not famous.

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