Sunday, March 09, 2008

SNL Spoofs Felt Up's Favorite Shows

I know what everyone's thinking--TGTWSIO! Am I right? No? Confused, you say? I guess I'm just more "down" with the young people and their crazy acronyms. It means THANK GOD THE WRITERS' STRIKE IS OVER! Jeez.

I really, really can't wait for the return of "30 Rock," but at least mostly-crappy "Saturday Night Live" is back on. Last week there was a pretty good spoof of "Rock of Love," although it is somewhat confusing because it includes Amy Poehler's recurring egomaniacal-one-legged-farter character named Amber--which has nothing to do with real-life "Rock of Love" contestant Ambre, the soccer mom. Tina Fey's Daisy, is, however, quite amusing. Check it out:

And from the most recent show, here's Amy Poehler doing a spot-on Christian Siriano from "Project Runway":

(Thanks to Friend of Felt Up Michele S. for the scoop, as I hardly ever watch "Saturday Night Live "anymore.)

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