Friday, March 07, 2008

Sixxual Healing

Sigh. My favorite inter-reality show couple, Kat Von D. of "L.A. Ink" and Orbi Orbison of "The Rock Life," have apparently broken up and now she has moved onto as-yet-reality-show-free Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue. According to Dlisted:
Kat Von D has confirmed she's officially bumping nasties with Nikki Sixx. Kat posted this picture on her MySpace with the caption "Never though I'd fall in love like THIS. He OWNS my heart."

The lady certainly likes the rockers. Espeially older rockers with dubious talents. Although I did think the Greg Allman-esque Orbi seemed sweeter and less of an egomaniacal jerkwad than Nikki "I Only Talk About Myself In The Third Person" Sixx. Oh, well.

Do I smell a new VH1 show in the works? How about "Sixx Education"? Or "Sixxual Deviancy"? Or dare I say it--"Rock Of Love 3"? IT. COULD. WORK!

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