Monday, March 03, 2008

Ryder? I Hardly Know Her!

Winona Ryder might possibly be engaged to Rilo Kiley guitarist and former child actor Blake Sennett, who used to to date Rilo Kiley singer Jenny Lewis.

Whatever happened to Winona Ryder's career? She used to be as A-list as they come and now she's reduced to crappy Adam Sandler movies. Was it the shoplifting thing? It seems like that's the only reasonable explanation for her spectacular career freefall, but even though it made her look like a loony tune, a little theft doesn't seem like that big a deal in this day and age, you know? Maybe people just got tired of her. I always thought she was one of those people who was far more beautiful in photos; as gorgeous as she is, her looks deteriorated rapidly with every California syllable she spoke. (Especially when she tried to do an English accent, as in Bram Stoker's Dracula. Heinous!)

Anyway, mazel tov, you crazy kids!

UPDATE: Reality bites--Winona's reps tell Us Weekly that she and Blake Sennett are not, in fact, engaged.


Anonymous said...

Maybe people finally wised up that she is a HIDEOUS ACTRESS.

I am amused by her and her fiancee's tiny pixiness, however.

Terri R.

Anonymous said...

Hey, she is playing Spocks mother in Star Trek next year. Thats a career high!

Isn't it?

Nerdious Penaious