Thursday, March 06, 2008

Posh Spicing Up Fox?

(photo via wireimage)

Whoo-hoo! Hot on the heels of her far-too-brief appearance as a guest judge on last night's "Project Runway" finale, Posh Spice may be getting her own fashion-related tv series! Marie Claire (via Jezebel) has this report:
Victoria Beckham has been approached by US TV network Fox to front her own fashion reality TV series.

To be titled Fashion Nightmares, the show would mirror the format of Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, which has proved a huge hit in America.

Posh would travel around America, finding stylistically-challenged individuals, and giving them a fashion make-over. A source reveals, 'They want her to visit some boutiques and beauty pageants in real backwater towns and to try to whip them into chic shape.'
OK. My gut reaction is: Awesome. But I do have to say I get a wee bit tired of the whole foreigner-comes-to-make-fun-of-small-town-America thing. It's weird, I get all patriotic and crap about this stuff. I can make fun of the U.S., but I resent it when Euros come over here and do it. Besides, it's really just too easy, like shooting fish in a barrel. And the make-over show has been DONE TO DEATH. But fear not. Not only will I totally watch this, I will do my damnedest to be one of the sad podunk hicks who gets made over! POOOOOSSSSSH!


Anonymous said...

When I was living in London, alomst every single night there was some kind of documentary on tv about fat Southern snake-handlers with no teeth or something in that vein. It got really tiring. That, combined with people who had been to the Grand Canyon once when they were 13 telling me how the US REALLY was, increased my patriotism 1000-fold.

That said, I'm excited about seeing her be mean to regular people, dress them up like paper dolls & make pronouncements about fashion in her funny hick accent.

-- Rebekah

Anonymous said...


Terri R.

TrAngela said...

i may die. i want to be her sidekick on one episode. It would be totally may-jor!