Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Kimora Demands More-a

Now here's the kind of non-news story that fills me with delight! According to Page Six, Kimora Lee Simmons has it written into her contracts (for personal appearances, I presume, since she has no immediately apparent talents beyond fabulosity) that underlings must fill her glass with champagne whenever her bubbly gets down to one inch in depth. And when she's drinking water, only Fiji water is acceptable. AWESOME.

I would very much like a contract rider like that. Whenever I'm sitting around Felt Up HQ in my robe and fuzzy slippers, covered in Corgi hair, holding forth on the important issues of the day, and my glass of champers hits that critically low level, I want to snap my fingers and get some service, pronto, from silent lackeys carrying bottles of Veuve Cliquot.

It could happen, right?

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