Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The High Price of Hos

Wondering what Heidi Fleiss has to say about NY Governor Eliot Spitzer's prostitute scandal? Well, wonder no more! She gave her take on the sordid affair to Radar magazine:
Just how in the hell would a high-profile, ho-bustin' politician like Eliot Spitzer ever expect to get away with his pay-for-play D.C. side piece?

"It's so easy not to not get caught," reformed Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss tells Radar, adding that she provided service to many a well known politician her day. "I saw many famous people—more famous than Eliot Spitzer—and you know what, you pay people right, you treat them right, you don't have a problem." The devil, she says, was in Spitzer's particular freak, which left the gals who are alleged to have serviced him describing the governor as "difficult," with demands that involved "things that, like, you might not think were safe."

"I'm sure he wanted anal sex without condoms," Fleiss says, speculating but strangely confident.

It was Spitzer's ethical crusade and no-ho posturing that did him in, too, Fleiss says. In 2004 Spitzer pontificated about the breakup of a Staten Island ho ring, calling it a "sophisticated and lucrative operation with a multi-tiered management structure," then adding, "It was, however, nothing more than a prostitution ring."

"I think think he's an arrogant prick and he thinks he's above the law; no one likes a hypocrite," Fleiss tells Radar. (In his defense, the morning Spitzer found out the jig was up, the New York Times reports, he canceled an appearance with a family planning organization and a private powwow with Cardinal Egan—a confession?) "He could have gone to the Bunny Ranch and never would have had his cover blown. But this is an arrogant prick," Fleiss says. "Welcome to reality."

I agree with Ms. Fleiss, all the way--from the anal-sex-with-no-condom thing (I'm not sure why, but it just sounds so right!) to Gov. Spitzer being an arrogrant prick. But as this article in today's NY Times points out, apparently arrogant prickdom is part of the DNA of politicians; they tend to have certain personality feautures--risk-taking, a sense of entitlement, huge egos--that leads to this sort of tacky illicit behavior. If you're still curious about ole Client 9 and his "comings"-and-goings (ba dum dum! I'm here all week!), you can take a look-see at the FBI affidavit over on The Smoking Gun. It is pretty fascinating reading, especially, to me at least, when you see the insane amount of trouble the governor went to in order to get a hooker from NY to DC for 4 hours in the sack.

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flowers, philip g said...

I know this is NOT the point of your story,
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