Saturday, March 08, 2008

Gunn Control

The plot thickens! Now Victorya from "Project Runway" has responded to Tim Gunn's allegations that she is a crabby sourpuss. Over at Blogging Project Runway, Victorya has lots to say, although none of it responds directly to his charges that she demanded he count out all the Mood money and was acting quite weirdly about Jack leaving due to his illness. Mainly she attacks Tim's qualifications and comes off as--you guessed it!--a crabby sourpuss:
It's no secret that it's been extremely hard for me to take any of Tim's advice to heart, chiefly because I don't think he is qualified to give it. Tim was, for many years, the dean of Parsons,which is a fancy word for administrator. Does that automatically give him the credentials to assume the role of an arbiter of fashion? I can see how he might be capable of teaching say, fashion history, but design?

I do not mean to assert that he's completely unqualified. He seems to be exploring now what he is good at doing. I think he's very suited to educating women on how they should dress based on body proportions--because it's an almost formulaic approach. This dress will flatter your body because of x, y, and z. But again, that doesn't speak to design.

I am the type of person who, professionally, would prefer to work with someone who may not be the most likable, but really knows their stuff. I'm sure everyone has had a horror story about having to work with someone who is extremely nice, but completely incompetent. It's the absolute worst!
I was rather surprised that the comments on this post were not more negative about Victorya; apparently quite a few people are put off by Tim "going public" with his feelings about her. Personally, I think he should go off on contestants in the press more, not less!


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