Tuesday, February 12, 2008

There Will Be Lust

I just Chicken Ladied all over my own front yard because I opened my mailbox and found this inside:

My. Heart. Can't. Take. Much. More! AAAAAAH!

My deep and potentially illegal love for Javier Bardem has been well documented on this blog; he is one of a revolving pantheon of actors for whom I would gladly walk on hot coals to touch the hem of their garment. Regular readers know who else inhabits that rarified air...

But with Daniel Day-Lewis it is a bit more complicated. I loved him in My Beautiful Laundrette and of course My Left Foot, but he was always a bit too emaciated and pretty and poetically ethereal for me. When The Last of the Mohicans came out, it seemed like every soccer mom on Earth thought he was hotness personified, and my interest waned...

Then he lost his mind and became a cobbler and my interest was peaked again; but his ridonkulously over-the-top scenery chewing performance in Gangs of New York transformed my crush into something akin to my feelings for Miss Liza Minelli--affection and admiration and love mixed with a tiny bit of fear.

However, his current appearance in There Will Be Blood and the fact that he's now 50 years-old and grown into his good looks a bit (similar to Jeremy Irons, who was wan and fey when he was a lad and then became decadent and hot as he aged) has swung the Felt Up pendulum of lust back his direction again and all I can say is thank you sweet baby Jesus that Entertainment Weekly had the good taste to put two such dreamy dreamboats on the cover. Happy Valentine's Day to ME!

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