Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sorry, But I'm Just Not That Interested In Nicole Richie's Baby Pictures

The non-news has dried up this week. There are tumbleweeds blowing down TMZ avenue and a ghost town has popped up where Page Six used to be (the current headline reads, "Sean Preston and Jayden Get Haircuts." SIGH!

So instead of sweet, juicy gossip why not take a look at this article on Radar (thanks Jezebel!) called "No Country For Fat Chicks," which is a compendium of the most misogynist movies in recent years (including Bridget Jones' Diary and Superbad), and when you're done, peruse the "Red Carpet Doppelgangers" feature. I picked out a few of my favorites to whet your appetite:

Anne-Marie Duff (actress/wife of James McAvoy) and Amy Sedaris.

Felt Up future ex-husband Viggo Mortenson and Fidel Castro. Heh.

My personal favorite: Tilda Swinton and Eric Stoltz. Funny because it's true!

Hopefully, someone in the Spears family will get their act together and give birth to a two-headed baby while crawling out of a meth lab explosion or something next week. I can dream, can't I?

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Jed said...

Seriously, this is the worst gossip drought I have seen in while. Could you please stir something up since I am home all day with a baby and in need of entertainment. Feel free to make something up.