Friday, February 01, 2008

Not A Child, Perhaps Never To Be A Woman

This is both good and incredibly sad news, but Britney Spears is no longer legally in charge of her finances or any other aspect of her life, as a judge has granted her father Jamie Spears a temporay conservatorship over her affairs. According to Us Weekly:
Jamie Spears has won temporary legal control over his daughter, a judge ruled after a brief hearing Friday. He also has full control over her medical treatment.

Jamie has the power to restrict any visitors to Britney. He is also in charge of arranging 24-hour caretakers for her, as well as security.

In addition, the judge gave Jamie the power to cut off all of the singer’s credit cards and to prosecute any restraining orders on her behalf.

He also has full control of her residence and can legally remove anyone who is staying there. In addition, he has the power to keep Britney in California.

Jamie has control until the next hearing, which is set for Monday afternoon.

Perhaps understandably, Britney had more important things on her mind.

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impychimp said...

Ew, low blow: the link above has an article about her having in-an-out burger brought to her in the hospital, but the leading photo for the daily slideshow, right next to th e article is FedX whooping it up at the Superbowl.