Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Gene Simmons In Sex Tape NO ONE Wants To See

Gene Simmons right after his facelift!

Ewwww! Apparently (and allegedly) there is a Gene Simmons sex tape floating around the intertubes! Yikes! From Valleywag (link NSFW):
"Watch the sex tape Gene doesn't want you to see," promises. The website purportedly hosts a NSFW sex tape of Kiss frontman Gene Simmons. Leave aside the question of whether anyone wants to see Simmons in flagrante. Does Simmons himself really object to the site? Nothing revives the Q factor of an aging rocker like a bit of scandal. Since he's no longer recording, just touring, he doesn't have a skittish label to appease. And thanks to the Internet, he doesn't have to rely on the tabloids to get his name out. Welcome to the age of DIY career makeovers.
It just gets worse and worse; in the still photos, the "star"--who certainly does look like Gene Simmons, I'm sorry to say--is wearing a t-shirt and no pants. EWWW!

I have a mantra that I chant every day of my life to help bring me inner peace and tranquility in this topsy-turvy world: "Thank God I'm not Shannon Tweed, Thank God I'm not Shannon Tweed," and today when I meditate in my sweat lodge, I think I'll chant that mantra a little longer than usual...


Anonymous said...

On top of everything else that is so wrong about video footage of him without pants, that post surgery photo has me shrieking: "The drains!!!"

So many things about this posting to haunt our nightmares as a nation!

~ Spare E

Nomad said...

maybe Gene Simmons should have stuck with the standard black and white Kiss make-up