Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Forget It, Jen. It's Lizatown.

(image of halston, bianca jagger, and liza via new york magazine)

I've died and gone to heaven. Or I would have if I'd been lucky enough to be there: Liza Minelli was at the newly-relaunched Halston show at New York's Fashion Week! Squeal!

From Reuters UK:
The Halston clothing line popular among the disco crowd of the 1970s is back.

With simple clothes, the Halston revival collection at New York Fashion Week for the fall season struck just the right note with one customer who wore his original designs in the 1970s at the famed Studio 54 nightclub -- Liza Minnelli.

The actress and singer was in the front row for Monday's show of designer Marco Zanini's first collection for Halston.

"I loved the colours, the way it moved, very sensual," Minnelli said in an interview. "The materials dance with you."

The collection had everything from evening wear -- a chocolate cashmere and silk sleeveless turtleneck dress stood out -- to blazers, trousers, skirts, blouses and cardigans.

Minnelli said Halston, who died in 1990, knew what women wanted to wear.

"He put us on the map -- an American designer," she said. "You need clothes you can pack -- like 87 outfits in one bag!"

The show marked the return of Halston to New York runways after a long absence and a series of ownership changes since the designer Roy Halston Frowick sold his name 25 years ago.
"87 outfits in one bag" is totally my new mantra.

I feel like Faye Dunaway being slapped around in Chinatown: My Halston, my Liza! My Halston, my Liza! My head is spinning!

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