Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Cirque Du Celeb

magazine says that Kirsten Dunst has checked herself into the Cirque rehab center in Utah for alcohol abuse:
Spider-Man's Mary Jane made the decision to follow in the footsteps of Cirque patients such as Lindsay Lohan and Richie Sambora — after a week of wild parties at last month's Sundance Film Festival. Fellow actress Eva Mendes is also in the mountaintop facility right now. Mary-Kate Olsen was treated at Cirque for food issues.

"She desperately needed help," a source in Utah tells Star. "She seemed to be intoxicated when she checked in because she was acting really erratic. She was extremely emotional, constantly breaking down in tears.

"She not in a good place right now, but thankfully, she's getting the help she needs."

Kirsten, 25, has long had a reputation for partying, with bloggers giving her the unfortunate nickname of Kirsten Drunkst.
As a blogger I would like to state that I have never called her "Kirsten Drunkst" on this site, at least not that I can remember, mainly because a) it didn't occur to me, and b) I find her kind of dullsville.

She's one of those actresses who is both more appealing and less interesting because she looks like someone you might actually know, you know? As opposed to say, an Angelina Jolie or a Catherine Zeta-Jones, who seem like other-earthly genetic freaks designed to be Movie Stars (with the help of a surgeon or ten), Kirsten Dunst has the appearance of many a wan, skinny hipster you might see puking in the ladies' room at a show or trying on hooker leggings at American Apparel. I do like that Kirsten Dunst is not a cookie-cutter beauty, but at the same time the second she is off the screen I completely forget that she's alive. Which I'm sure she's grateful for, as most stars are.

I bet Eva Mendes is not someone you want to run into at "Celebrity Rehab: Cirque!" She seems like she might claw your eyes out and tell everyone you're fat. Richie Sambora might be fun to hot tub with; Mary-Kate probably has her own private wing, so you'd never see her. Lindsay Lohan would just make you cry, take your lip gloss, steal your fiancé and do it with him in the broom closet while you look for your credit cards. (I realize these celebs are not all there at the same time, but it's fun to imagine!)

Anyway, let's raise a glass to her speedy recovery, shall we? Down the hatch! Skol! Bottoms up! Hmmm, I guess that's kinda in poor taste, isn't it?...Oh, well. Cheers, lil' Drunkst!

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