Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Britney Free At Last

(image via the new york times)

And the roller coaster ride continues! But I'm not sure if this is happy or sad news! It could really go either way, people, because Britney Spears has been released from UCLA Medical Center and is free to do as she pleases, reports the L.A. Times:

Pop singer Britney Spears was released from a psychiatric ward at the UCLA Medical Center today after nearly a week of treatment.

It was unclear where she was going, but sources said she might head to one of her homes before seeking additional treatment.

Unlike the spectacle surrounding her trip to the Westwood medical facility last week, she slipped out with relatively little fanfare. A private security detail escorted her in contrast to last week when more than a dozen Los Angeles police officers escorted Spears to the hospital via motorcade.
Dear god, no telling what will happen next with this girl. Suicide attempts? Public fisticuffs with her father? Gator wrasslin'? And just wait until her sister has that baby! I just blew my own mind thinking about that one! Whew-ee!

RELATED: Us Weekly provides a helpful synopsis of Britney's tragic life that they excerpted from the new Rolling Stone cover story, which includes the following talking points: Her mother let her get breast implants when she was a still-growing teenager, her dad's an alcoholic, she desperately wanted to Slooty McSkank up her image when she was younger, Justin Timberlake found out about her affair with dancer Wade Dobson when he found a note from Wade backstage at "Saturday Night Live," and she's a bit nuts.

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