Thursday, February 07, 2008

Amy Winehouse Is Banned From The USA

The New York Times reports in a rather confusing manner that Amy Winehouse's visa to visit the United States for the Grammy Awards has been denied:
In a decision sure to reinvigorate joyful riffing of the line she’s sung most famously, the American embassy in London said “no” once — not thrice — to a troubled British soul singer’s request this week to visit the United States. From Billboard magazine:

Amy Winehouse will not be on hand for the Grammy Awards on Sunday (Feb. 10) in Los Angeles, after her visa application to enter the United States was rejected by the American Embassy in London.

(When American diplomats mention “three no’s” they are usually talking about Taiwan, not the lyrics to “Rehab,” her infectiously hooked single in 2007.)

Her application seemed in doubt on Tuesday, when she exited a rehabilitation clinic in London after 11 days to meet with embassy officials. A day later, she was questioned by police regarding a video that appeared to show her smoking crack cocaine.

“Amy has been progressing well since entering a rehabilitation clinic two weeks ago and although disappointed with the decision has accepted the ruling and will be concentrating on her recovery,” a statement distributed on her behalf said.

Ms. Winehouse’s absence will raise questions for the event’s organizers, who must prepare for her to win at least one of the six awards she’s up for. The nominations include all four of the most prestigious categories: Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Album of the Year and Best New Artist.

Well, there goes the last reason anyone had to watch the stupid Grammy's this year. Harrumph, I say! And phooey on a few minor legal troubles and a wee crack film keeping her from us in our time of need! Boo, hiss!

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