Tuesday, January 22, 2008

World Stunned That Amy Winehouse Does Drugs!

The intertubes are going nuts because an English tabloid has published pictures and video of Amy Winehouse smoking crack. I guess the big deal is that she's caught on film doing it? In front of her wedding picture? Because clearly, the fact that Amy Winehouse does a ton o' drugs is NOT NEW NEWS. The totally over-the-top hysterical UK Sun has the story and the video:
WILD AMY WINEHOUSE was filmed blitzed out of her skull and struggling to talk after sucking in crack fumes from a glass pipe.

The tormented singing sensation took hit after hit of the deadly drug after a 19-minute binge in which she snorted powdered ECSTASY and COCAINE.

And she admitted she had just popped six VALIUM pills to “bring myself down”.

Amy’s spiral of self-destruction was revealed in a harrowing video filmed at her East London home and seen by The Sun.

It will horrify relatives and friends who fear she could soon end up dead.

The footage also laid bare the Back To Black singer’s squalid lifestyle as she stumbled around in a grubby vest surrounded by junkies and parasitic hangers-on.

At one point, lank-haired Amy is warned to watch out for smashed glass on the floor as she scours a bedroom for her kitten barefoot.

The dazed and confused star accuses a guest of taking the pet from a quiet room into the drug-fuelled hubbub of her house party.

She mumbles wearily: “If I was that cat I’d leave on my own accord — I’d call a cab. It ain’t right. This ain’t Toys R Us. They took my cat.”
Oh, boy. This is terrible and sad (somehow the part about the cat both breaks my heart and makes me giggle), and I fear for her sanity and life, but again, why is anyone on earth surprised by all this? IT'S AMY WINEHOUSE. It's like when Kate Moss' cocaine pictures caused everyone to have a giant cow, and I was like, "uh, she's a MODEL and she dates PETE DOHERTY, and you're shocked, shocked to find out that coke snorting is going on?" People just slay me with their feigned shock and judgment.

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