Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Whole Kit-N-Caboodle

**HEY, YOU!**





Last night's "Project Runway" was awesome. I loved the challenge, although at first I kinda didn't understand it. They had the models come out with some bizarre-o hairdos and then were told that they had to use the hair as inspiration for an avant-garde outfit. I didn't get why they had to use hair as their muse, but actually it worked out pretty well.

The designers were paired into teams: Chris and Christian, Rami and Sweet P., Jillian and Victorya, and Ricky, Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow, and Kit. Chris and Christian were dy-no-mite together; they were the yin and yang, the Abbot and Costello, the peanut butter and jelly of gay culture--old school drag queen creative and young hipster egomaniac. They immediately decided on "thousands of circles of organza," and went to town. It was exciting to watch.

Rami and Sweet P. were not as harmonious; he was arrogant and bossy and fussy, while Sweet P. was laid-back and pushover-y. I felt bad for her. Usually Rami comes off as fairly likable, in a scary-hot gay Mossad agent way, but this episode did not present him in the best light.

Ricky, Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow, and Kit decided on a hoop-skirt dress for some unknown reason. Perhaps their vision was blurred by Ricky's vale of tears?

Jillian and Victorya, aka The Humorless Duo, got along well together in their shared love of grim determination and total lack of joy, and came up with a jodhpurs-n-trench coat look that was a no-brainer considering the faux-hawk/tribute to "Equus" hairdo on the model. And all with nary a smile betweent the two of them.

In the middle of all this, Tim Gunn appeared to make the announcement that they would have to come up with a second look--a ready-to-wear interpretation of their avant-garde piece. Much sturm-und-drang! Much talk of suicide and dread and nausea! Many tears from you-know-who! Oh, and the winners of the challenge would have their picture taken for a Tres-Somme Elle magazine full-page ad!

When it came time to put on the runway show, it was clear that Chris and Christian had blown everyone else out of the water. Their design was awesome--weird, fashion-forward, extreme, yet beautiful:

(images via

Wow. It was the perfect melding of Chris' costume-y/drag super-creative aesthetic and Christian's high-falutin' fashioniness. Guest judge Alberta Ferretti swooned in her impenetrable Italian acccent that it was "important." All the judges were agog. Michael Kors also called it "important."

Let's see another more picture of this amazing outfit, shall we?

So great. This is why I watch this show!

Their ready-to-wear piece was, I thought, a nice, casual, safe interpretation of the Organza Bonanza, which was the point of the exercise, although I think the judges were slightly meh on it in comparision with the main event:

Rami and Sweet P. ended up dividing the challenge in two: He took the avant-garde dress and she made the simplified version. Rami, of course, did a drapey Grecian gown, since that is all ever does. He thought it was avant-garde because a) he made Sweet P. make some pants to wear underneath (UGH! so tired!) and b) he put a corset in there, and he usually doesn't work with corsets, which really doesn't have anything to do with the price of tea in China, now does it, Rami? Also, when Tim mentioned the drapey drapiness of the piece, Rami managed to blame Sweet P. because they "didn't work well together." So, your dress is too much what you always present and that's because Sweet P. has time-management issues? Oy vey!

Here's Rami's dress:

And here's Sweet P.'s:

I really liked this outfit. I thought it was Sweet P.'s best effort yet, and the judges loved it. Of course they told Rami that his dress was the usual Drapey McDraperton thing he always brings them, and, of course, he blamed Sweet P., but the judges simply weren't having it.

Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow, Ricky, and Kit turned out a super-drab hoop-skirted tribute to Gone With the Wind:

The judges hated it. I was trying to predict what Scarlett O'Hara reference Michael Kors would make; I was thinking "It's a little 'this model will never go hungry again,'" but he went for "pulling down the drapes." Oh, of Kors you did, Michael!

Their ready-to-wear was even duller:

The judges were nonplussed by this outfit, as was I. So boring and blah! There are cuter dresses for sale right now at Forever 21 for $19.99!

The only other team to really try for avant-garde-iness was The Humorless Duo, whose equestrian thing was pretty impressive, although not nearly as impressive as Chris and Christian's:

On TV it looked a lot more dramatic, and it seemed really well-made and detailed. The judges were wowed.

Their ready-to-wear was cute:

Again, it read better on TV than in this photo.

The top two teams were obvious, and thank god the judges picked Chris and Christian's as the winner, or I might have rioted in my living room, and my dog is nervous enough already. Christian, as team leader, won immunity. The Humorless Duo came in second. Sweet P. and Ricky were safe.

Who would be auf'd? I knew it wouldn't be Rami, because his dress was pretty and well-made, while Kit's was not only fug, it was apparently rather crappy. Sure enough, Kit was OUT.

Next week it looks to be another kooky materials challenge, my fave! I know other people hate on these challenges, but I find them delightful! Huzzah! And kudos to Christian-n-Chris!


Kim said...

A couple things I don't understand. 1. Why that elbow-forward concave pose is so prevalent in modeling and 2. Why it's OK for Christian to make the same 80s-retro romantic ruffly button-down blouse over and over but it's not OK for Rami to make drapey Grecian gowns over and over. Maybe the judges are racist against scary-hot gay Mossad agents?

Anonymous said...

I love the kooky challenges as well. Can't wait for next week- hopefully they'll all have to make Quincanera dresses from aluminum pop-tops! Or underpants from packing peanuts! Sportswear from lawnmower clippings?


Dan said...

Re: Ricky and Kit's ready to wear dress. My sister made that one in 4-H. Butterick pattern #3361 if I remember correctly.

The drawing of names from the bag clearly had some divine intervention--Chris and Christian belong together for life.