Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Unforgettable Spare Tire

As a chubby, I'm not usually one to make fun of someone for gaining weight, but:

(image via the wow report)

A) It's Bono. B) He looks like he has a Santa belly attached to his midsection (oddly, the rest of him seems normal.) C) It's Bono.

I came up with a few song titles for the band's next tour:

"(Pie) In The Name of Love"
"Where The Sweets Have No Name"
"When Lard Comes To Town"
"I Will Swallow"
"Trying To Throw Your Arms Around The Whale"
"Even Better Than The Meal Thing"

I know, I'm terrible. I can't help it! I pun therefore I am! You're not my father!

Anyone got anything to add? Because you may not know this, but it's National Delurking Week, when readers are begged to leave comments and make bloggers' lives worth living! Despite the fact that this particular plea is in a post asking for U2 song title puns, I would like to take this moment to tell all readers that in general, COMMENTS DON'T HAVE TO BE FUNNY, AMUSING, OR EVEN MAKE SENSE. It's not a contest! Your humble Felt Up blogette would just like to know that someone is reading!


Anonymous said...

It's too hard to top Where the Sweets Have No Name! But I'll try to think. You could change the lyrics from New Year's Day to "I...will be with food...again."

Terri R.

wifezilla said...

U2 lyrics: Big Burgers Are Best. I'm a long time lurker, first time poster. Your blog is so great!

Anonymous said...

Ok -- you've got me, I've been de-lurked.

Sundae, Yummy Sundae

Anonymous said...


The U2 puns are fab. Sorry I have none to add. Too busy overproducing allergy-induced nose yuck.

~ Spare E

Anonymous said...

Oh, also, I can't read the post about PR b/c I haven't watched yet.

Nobody tell me about it, please.

Thank you.

~ Spare E

Anonymous said...

The Unforgettable Fryer!!!
Keep on bloggin' Lil'Mama! xxev

Anonymous said...

The Fry
A Day Without Meat
Another Time, Another Plate


VeeDub said...

With or Without Chew

Anonymous said...

I elicited some help from a coworker:

Hold Me, Thrill Me, Greasy, Grill Me (Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me)
Bowlful of Stir Fry (Bullet The Blue Sky)
I Still Haven't Found What To Diet For
The Three Apple-Pieses (The Three Sunrises)
Spanish Rice (Spanish Eyes)
Love is Hummus (Love Is Blindness)
The Fat Inside My Meat (The Ground Beneath Her Feet)

impychimp said...

Tryin' to Throw Your Arms Around My Girth