Sunday, January 06, 2008

A Stritch In Time

(photo via the new york times)

How's about we take a wee break from Britneymania for a moment and take a refreshing gander at someone who is a survivor. A lollapalooza. A ballsy ole dame. I'm talking, of course, about Miss Elaine Stritch, legend, whose one-woman cabaret show at the Café Carlyle in New York is featured in a recent New York Times profile. (Don't know much about her? Go here.) If you like chutzpah and rummy broads and hot pants (and really, who doesn't?) do yourself a favor and read it. (Make sure and take in the accompanying slide show, which contains both the best quote of the article--"I get out of bed and put out!"--and an array of delightful photos of Miss Stritch prancing around New York City in white short-shorts.) Here's a taste:
This salty autobiographical reminiscence, marinated in gin, may be the ultimate example of amusing after-dinner remarks sprinkled with songs and a few dance steps that transcends the occasion. Ms. Stritch is accompanied by a six-member band under the direction of her excellent longtime pianist, Rob Bowman.

The experience of the show at the Café Carlyle, where it plays through Jan. 19, is far more intimate than in a theater. Amazingly lithe (she turns 83 on Feb. 2), Ms. Stritch isn’t required to stalk the stage with a chair. Yet every story in her arsenal of seamlessly stitched personal anecdotes is illustrated with body language that erupts like lightning out of words spoken in the gravelly voice of a tough old dame with a tender heart. Because she has the gift of gab, this loudmouthed life of the party could go on forever.

Sigh! How I wish I could take in this show! Apparently she does a rendition of The Sopranos' theme song, "Got Myself A Gun"!

What a dream life--she lives at the Carlyle Hotel and her commute to work is an elvevator ride to one of the great night clubs in the world. And she gets to play Alec Baldwin's mother on 30 Rock! (Best line: "Tell him I love him...but not in a queer way.") Elaine Stritch, I salute you!

Elaine-iacs should also check out this other great NY Times piece about her home life at the Carlyle Hotel.


Anonymous said...

I was just telling Beto G. how I envied her king-sized bed, hotel room home and ability to wear short-shorts at the age of 83. Sigh.

Terri R.

Anonymous said...

As one in the know, I can say that the Felt Up Blogette has some of the Best Damn Gams in the Lone Star State. Don't make us wait until we're in our 80s: I say more short shorts NOW!!!! And micro mini skirts!! And long shirts with fun ruffled-bloomer panties peeking out! :o) (Where can I find HBC's Pantaloonies for sale online?)

~ Spare E