Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A Spoonful Of Sugar Helps The Medicine Go Down

(photo via wired)

A ha! Experts agree with your humble Felt Up blogette that Dr. Phil is indeed a moron! CNN reports:
Dr. Phil's public brand of tough love sometimes makes him tough to love, particularly among mental health professionals who are accusing television's self-help guru of making an uncalled-for house call on Britney Spears this week.

Although Dr. Phil -- whose full name is Phillip McGraw -- announced Monday that he is shelving plans for a show on Spears' latest breakdown, some in the mental health community say just showing up at her hospital room last week was going too far.

"It's true people sometimes need to be placed under involuntary mental health treatment because they can't take care of themselves," veteran psychiatrist Dr. Jeffrey Sugar said of the 26-year-old Spears. "But there's a difference between being detained involuntarily for psychological treatment and being forced to endure Dr. Phil involuntarily."

Spears, who appeared to have enough trouble already, saw McGraw barge into her life Saturday when he showed up at her room at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center as she was about to be discharged. She had been taken there Thursday after an hours-long standoff with police that was triggered by her custody dispute with ex-husband Kevin Federline.

McGraw said he was invited to the hospital by Spears' family.

Sugar, chief of child and adolescent psychiatry, crisis and emergency service for the University of Southern California, said that isn't good enough. Late adolescent or not, he said, Spears is still an adult who has the right to decide who she lets into her hospital room.

I really love Dr. Jeffrey Sugar--not only does he speak the truth, but he's got an awesome name. I can just hear the intercom at the hospital where he works (and in my mind, it's a Pee Wee Hermann voice, of course): "Paging Dr. Sugar. Dr. Sugar you are urgently needed in the cafeteria." I could, of course, make a "pour some Sugar on me" joke here, but decorum prevents me from doing so now.

PS: Britney spoke with a British accent while she was in the hospital, according to Us Weekly.

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