Friday, January 18, 2008

Some Day I Would Like To Make A Collectible Figurine of Myself

(image via jezebel)

Oh. My. Gawww. This is so awesome. Krazy Genius Karl Lagerfeld has created a tiny figurine of himself that is for sale right now, but only in one store in Paris. From WWD via Jezebel:
Already an icon in his own right, Karl Lagerfeld is becoming a collectible, too. The designer has collaborated with Pixi on a miniature lead figurine of himself in his trademark regalia. The doll is being issued in a limited run of 1,000 figures and is on sale exclusively in Paris at Colette for 200 euros, or about $300.

Just think...somewhere a pale, lonely little Teutonic boy in wraparound shades and black diapers could be getting his wee ring-covered hands on his first Karl Barbie doll and designing his very own imaginary collection of campy-chic Chanel-inspired fashions...then flinging the figurine onto a flaming pyre when it displeases him...oh, it brings a tear to me eye, it really does!

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