Thursday, January 17, 2008

Say It Ain't Zoe

Dude, first they take away my lifeblood, Discovery Health, provider for all my many varied and sundry obesity, crazy-weird illness, and emergency room porn programming needs and give it to Oprah so she can continue her ego's quest for total world domination (although if she would bring back "Campus Ladies" all would be forgiven!), and now Bravo has announced that Rachel Zoe, arbiter of scary skinny tanorexic bugface fashion and alleged pusher of illegal Mexican horse drugs as a weight loss product, has got her own reality show. Broadcasting Cable reports:
Bravo green-lit a reality show starring celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe and her entourage.

The show, for now called The Rachel Zoe Project, will be at least six episodes. It began production last week. It will be shot in New York and Los Angeles and is scheduled to premiere later in 2008.

Zoe, perhaps best-known due to former client Nicole Richie’s characterization of her as a “raisin face,” will star alongside her husband Rodger and her fashion team, Taylor and Brad, as they aim to broaden her business through dealings with magazines, beauty companies, fashion firms and, of course, star clients, according to the network.

Zoe, who has styled the likes of Jennifer Garner and Salma Hayek, was the subject of some controversy as a result of a Web posting Richie made insinuating that she urged clients to adopt radical measures such as drugs to remain ultra-skinny, as both she and Richie appear to be.
Though I must admit, to my great great shame, that I will totes be watching this. I can't help myself! My name is Jennifer and I'm a Bravo reality show addict!


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Anonymous said...

Wow. She's so skinny that she's caving in on herself. Her chest is actually sunken. I'm sure that's just from clean-living though & no horse drugs were involved.