Thursday, January 10, 2008


***SPOILER ALERT! "Project Runway" discussion ahead!***


***OK, THEN!***

Last night's "Project Runway" challenge was to design a prom dress for a bunch of teenagers in private schoolgirl outfits, and I couldn't have been more delighted! Well, that is until Humorless VictorYa asked her client why she "thought we could work together" (in a nice twist, this time the models got to choose their designer) and the girl replied, "Uh, I got the last choice." HEH!

The girls' moms came in midway through the design process to give their opinions, and ranged from typically over-protective to completely clueless to sweet-n-supportive, just like in real life!

Sassy egomaniac Christian got picked by sassy egomaniac Maddie, who not only had big ideas for her dress, she also had the temerity to grab the pencil out of Christian's tiny hand and start drawing on the design herself! Hee hee! Christian was not pleased. Her mom wasn't exactly thrilled with his efforts, although the daughter ran the show. Surprisingly to me, though, he ended up a) letting himself get bulldozed by his client, b) getting all down and sad on himself and his design and showing the audience how reaaaaally young he is (21!), and then c) mustering up some chutzpah on the day of the runway show.

His dress had a lot going on, with mixed results:

(all images via bravo tv)

Maddie demanded the color and the accent pieces of lace and goo-gaws, but when he blamed the whole hot mess on her, Nina Garcia got very offended and told him he had to take control of his vision and not blame the client and blah blah blah. I actually don't think it came out quite as bad as I feared it would; sure, 'tis a bit tacky, but it's very prom-y and Maddie looked pretty cute (although the dress rode up over her backside in a very weird way). I also think Christian can't really design for non-stick-insect-type bodies.

Poor Sweet P. thought she had a shot of winning with this dress:

And it is definitely a pretty dress and her best effort thus far, but it came in second place. She seemed pretty upset about that.

The winning dress belonged to Humorles VictorYa:

I have to admit, it's cute. And young. And yes, it deserved to win, dammit. I just don't like Humorless VictorYa because she's, you know, so humorless. For some reason, she was the only one who figured out that a bright, bold color would read "youthful" on the runway. Everyone else did stuff that was boring, too sophisticated, too old...

...Or too tacky:

Oh, token straight dude Kevin. Why did you pick this fabric and make the dress so short that you couldn't safely hem the fabric? It looked unfinished and sad and yuck, and so you were auf'd. (Oddly, Nina Garcia kept harping on the color, when she herself was wearing the exact same color!) Your prom picture was super-hilarious, though!

Kevin's prom pic. (this and the following prom photos via project rungay)

That was a great touch from the show, by the way, putting up the contestants' actual prom pictures. Sweet P. had the greatest: It was totally '70s California and looked like she and her surfer dude date were actually living inside an O.P. t-shirt. Awesome. Poor Chris didn't go to his prom and stayed home and got drunk! (And how cute were the mom-and-daughter team that picked him despite his all-drag-queen portfolio?) Hot Rami is Israeli and they don't have a prom there (who knew?). Blonde hipster Kit was almost unrecognizable from her staid prom photo--she sure has changed her whole persona since high school, and she's only 26.

Kit's prom pic.

Christian's prom pic. Hee hee!

Overall, the dresses were disappointing. Nothing really blew me away...this is where a Santino Rice or Jay McCarroll would have come up with something really interesting, at least, and where an Austin Scarlett would have shone so brilliantly! These were all pretty dull and to that I say, HARRUMPH.

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Anonymous said...

I hated the girl Christian had. Hated! The whole situation did really emphasize how young he is. And I thought Tim Gunn's pep talk to him was sweet.

Terri R.